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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update from the Indy Branch of Camelot

Although written in 1992 my journal entry for this date inspired me to return to my roots. Not sure if I actually went downstairs to watch CAMELOT that night--probably just Arthur's soliloquy. I did watch it today and felt a familiar jolt. I think may Lin have returned. Or even Arthur himself. I paid particular attention to the second part when Mordred comes to Camelot. I know I was drawn to Arthur's sorrow and loneliness and the destruction of the Table. It must have struck a chord back then too. I wish they had drawn out the story line of Mordred just a little more. David Hemmings played him well and I wanted more! I also found myself crying for Guinevere for the first time ever! I have never cried for Gwen. But Vanessa Redgrave's portrayl was so moving in that final scene when she's talking about forgiveness. I guess I just haven't watched it start to finish in quite a long time. I usually just watch Arthur's speech and that Round Table scene.

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