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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update from the Indy Branch of Camelot

There was no entry for today in the 1992 journal. I must have been busy writing! LOL. Not much going on in 2011. Had a brainstorm that could be splint into two projects. Lancelot's madness--torn between Elaine (who tricked him into bed to conceive Galahad) and Guinevere. Elaine shows up in Camelot and poor Lance can't handle it. He bolts and goes wild in the woods for some time. Now as mild mannered Debra, I could write it as a screenplay in April during ScriptFrenzy. As my saucy alter-ego I could write a hot erotic version. I'm going with that second option at the moment. I wrote some scenes a while ago that went nowhere, I think this project would be right for them. We shall see.

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