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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FIREBRAND: The Movie another sample

I haven't done anymore work on FIREBRAND: the Movie lately. Reached a point that requires condensing and composite sort of work. Much of Lin's interior thoughts will need to get adapted into dialogue with Dafydd. Some of it can be cut or moved. So, I'm doing the mental work with that right now.

Since the last sample seemed to be a hit, I thought I would post more. This scene isn't in the book at all, but it explains a lot that gets told to Lin towards the end of the book. I coudn't write it into the book because of the 1st person point of view, but the movie will make more sense with it shown.

So here's another scen from FIREBRAND. Enjoy!

Int. Bedchamber - Camelot - day

A royal bedchamber, richly appointed. Large bed, piled with pillows and heavy furs. Tapestries on walls. Chests for clothes. Braziers for warmth and light. Chairs. Side table. On the floor near the bed is a cradle, draped with cloth. A WOMAN, early 20's with auburn hair, in a simple gown kneels over the cradle. Grief stains her face.

A door opens. A MAN, 25 with spun gold hair and clear blue eyes, enters. He wears 5th century period armor. Leather boots, ring mail and a deep red cloak draped over his shoulders. He watches the woman briefly.


Gwenhwyfar? My son?

The woman turns to face Arthur, her hand still on the cradle.


She is dead, Arthur. We had a daughter, not a son. And she died in her cradle. I just got the message from Morgause a few days ago.


Morgause? What does my sister have to do with our daughter?


She came to Camelot while you were gone. She got here just as my labor began. Arthur, she was so helpful. She took charge of the birthing.


She was so wise, and very kind to me. She thought you might be angry to have a daughter rather than a son. And I see she may have been right about you after all.

Arthur stares at his wife. Then at the empty cradle.


Angry? Did you really believe I would be angry to have a daughter?

Gwenhwyfar nods.


And you sent her to Dunn na Carraice with Morgause?


To keep her safe until . . . Until you wanted her.

Arthur crosses the room and kneels beside Gwenhwyfar next to the cradle.


What did you name her?




My love. I would have fought the hounds of hell for our little girl.

CRAWL: 5 years later

Sunday, May 6, 2012 Once Upon a Time Episode 8: Arthur ap Morfudd

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