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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March --Women's History Month

March is not just about brackets and hoops and madness.  Yes, I am caught up in that.  Go Hoosiers.  But all that aside, it is also Women's History month.  How better to celebrate than with an historical and feminist novel about a very strong woman struggling against oppresion and slavery?

So, very simple, to win an autographed copy of FIREBRAND or RECRUIT (winner's choice): 

Leave a comment here about women in history.  It could be someone from your personal history or a historic figure who you admire.  Leave a woman's name and why she's important to you.

On March 31, I'll draw a name from the entries and announce the winner.

Good luck!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

FIREBRAND's 10th Anniversary Celebration

October 2012 sees the tenth anniversary of FIREBRAND's publication! My, how time has flown.  Lots has happened in the course of those ten years.  My granddaughter was about six months old then and she and I were the first people to see the wonderful cover art Trace Edward Zaber did for the book.  I cried, she grapped for the computer screen.  Then came the agonizing wait for the book to actually come out in October. 

Everything was worth it though.  Firebrand was in the top ten best sellers at Amber Quill Press for it's first year in print.  It earned nominations for the EPPIE and the Dream Realm Award, plus many stellar reviews.

Not long after it came out, my husband and I moved from South Dakota, returning to our native Indiana.  Sadly, I had to leave behind my beloved Black Hills Writers Group.  All the friends who had read and critiqued and made FIREBRAND the book that it is.  They are the best of friends.  I will always be grateful for all their love and support.  But even harder for me was having to leave the most awesome job in the universe: working for Lori Spiers at Everybody's Bookstore in Rapid City, SD.  I could write a whole blog post just on that, but I would start crying, so it would take a long time to do! 

After settling back into Hoosier land, I found the Indy Writer's Group.  Kate Chaplin, the founder of the Indy Writer, is an independent film maker.  She GETS Lin.  There has been talk about FIREBRAND the movie.  I have samples of the script in progress posted here.

2007 saw the release of book two of my House of Pendragon series--The Recruit.  It has earned several awards and loads of fabulous reviews, too.

The granddaughter who was 6 months old when FIREBRAND was published will be 10 herself in a few weeks,  She now has a four year old brother!  They are, of course, awesome!

And that brings us to today.  It has been ten years.  The time has flown by.  It may not be a huge seller, but I am glad I went with Amber Quill Press because I doubt it would still be in print for me to be celebrating. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

FIREBRAND's 10th Anniversay Celebration

October 2012 sees the tenth anniversary of FIREBRAND's publication! So I want to celebrate with my family, friends and fans! Watch this space every month for a special prizes. This month I have wall poster/2013 calendar with the Firebrand cover art.

Authors are often asked: do you have a favorite character? For me it's: Dafydd or Lin? I'd like to propose a variant of that. Which character do you admire more: Lin or Dafydd or another? Why? Which do you relate to more closely?

Or do you just have a favorite or least favorite character you want to talk about?

Just leave comment here before Saturday and you'll be in the drawing.