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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding your characters come to life while shopping

Gareth of Orkney works at our local Meijer! Well, at least as I see the character. Same shoulder-length, straight, dark blonde hair. Tied back in a ponytail, with the front strands falling free. Everything about his face was just as I see Gareth when I’m writing. I even got to see him twice while I was shopping. Makes me want to make up excuses to shop there. Oh! I need a pack of gum. Need to go to Meijer, hun!

Seeing that young man, though got me thinking, which prompted me to write this blog. As I was driving home, it was like his spirit was returning to me. His character. I sensed his smile, like when I’m on a roll writing a scene with him and Lin. I sensed him wanted to be with Lin. That’s been too long for him since we’ve been crafting the story.

I realize this third book has been nearly impossible for me to write. It has taken far too long. I think part of it is Lin’s reluctance to relate her love of Gareth with Ris listening. And it’s like she resists me. But with the return of Gareth practically in the flesh—well, neither of us can ignore the issue. If it’s a reminder to me, it must be for her, too. She cared too much for him. Maybe this is a prompt to get us both to take up the story again.

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