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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Writing Firebrand: Year One

Gonna really take a chance with this and bare my soul. I pulled out this journal for a reason. I wrote it for a reason. Thought I would share my writer's journey with my friends and fellow writers.

January 2, 1992
KI Sawyer, MI (near Marquette, MI)

A writer writes, always. A brand, shining new year. Full of hope and lots of plain, white paper. So pure it hurts the eyes.

Well, I've written a short story and submitted it to the Marquette Monthly Competiton. My it looks good all typed up. Maybe I'll even win. Who knows?

What to write now? There's a competition in Military Lifestyles. Need to think on that just a little more. Final deadline is March 31, 1992--plenty of time. The practice of these 2 competitions will be good. Good experience.

Then there's the romance story (novel) idea I have. It could happen. All these lovely ideas floating around in my brain. Lots of paper and ink too! Love these fountain pens. Just need to adjust to the quirks of the nib. Slightly different from the blue one.

I already have doubts about the story I sent in. Surprise?! Of course it could be better. Maybe come up with a story involving my nursing experiences? Hmm . . It could happen.


All that brainstorming led to the scene I posted last time, with Garheris telling Lin her father was wounded.

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